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A Wind of Change at BuroPLUS

Dear Customers,

BuroPLUS reaches a milestone in its history; We have decided to reposition our brand to better reflect our company values, to better express who we really are and, above all, to better meet your expectations.

As of March 19, BuroPLUS will adopt a new brand name. It is not the result of an acquisition, a merger, nor a change of ownership, but a new representation of our identity.

Our new banner will now count 109 stores. You will still have access to the service you are used to, in addition to having access to very competitive prices through our Canada-wide warehouse network.

We are, therefore, very pleased to announce that our new brand name will be Hamster.

Hamster, seriously?

Yes, because we are entrepreneurs, continually thinking, to find the best solution for you.

Because we are ingenious all the way! We need to be quite simply ingenious! It all starts with satisfied customers, but to be ingenious means much more; It means going above and beyond. It means offering “more than the customer expects”. It also means getting closer to our customer, with strategic plans and logistic systems that offer solutions to every day issues.

Ultimately, on the morning of March 19, nothing changes for you, or almost nothing. A revised web experience awaits you on We launch our largest ever catalogue with 1,150 new products, in addition to QR codes, allowing instant access to descriptive videos on several products. This is ingenious!

It is also about continuing to offer you value-added services, such as furniture design, printing or technology services.
Therefore, on March 19 nothing changes for you but everything changes! In the meantime, we invite you to watch our corporate video shedding new light on who we are.
Happy viewing and thank you for being part of the big Hamster family!


We Are a Company of various products and services
We sell commercial furnishings, furniture of any class for companies or homes, custom furniture, reception desks, sales counters, filing systems, archiving systems. Delivery of furniture and furnishings is also possible in the Temiscamingue areas of Temiskaming Shores and Abitibi.

We also sell stationery, school items, office accessories, filing systems, computer accessories and online shopping stationery.

Last but not least, we have a vast selection of french books in store, and many gift ideas.